2015 Egyptian Festival San José

The 7th Annual Egyptian Festival of San José and Silicon Valley will take place on August 22 and 23, 2015 at 395 W. Rincon Ave. in Campbell, CA. As always, the festival is hosted by St. George and St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church, the only Egyptian Christian church in the South Bay, and the only church featuring Coptic architecture in Northern California.

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First let’s talk about the best part: the food!


Our Egyptian Kitchen features traditional specialties such as grilled chicken and kofta sandwiches.5379595165_f22f3c52f7_o

The Egyptian Kitchen also features homemade items that are hard to find in restaurants, like stuffed grape leaves with rice and meat, as well as macarona bechamel, a decadent pasta plate that combines French, Greek, and Egyptian influences.

Did you know that Coptic (Egyptian) Christians are vegan more than half the year? We fast from animal products about 210 days out of 365, and when we’re siyam (fasting), we love falafel sandwiches, koshari, and ful mudammas, a working man’s dish made from mashed fava beans that is often eaten for breakfast and lunch in Cairo.vegan-certified-big

Want something small? Snack the way Egyptians do while walking on the Nile: enjoy freshly-grilled corn on the cob from our street vendors.

After dinner, stop by the cafe to enjoy sweet desserts. There’s something for everyone: baklava, basboosa, konafa. Or get dessert sampler to try with your friends and family.

On to the entertainment!


There’s something for everyone at the 2015 Egyptian Festival.

We have live musicians performing Egyptian-inspired songs on some traditional instruments, like the oud, piano, and the tabla.

Catch folkloric dance performances by some of the Bay Area’s best Middle Eastern dance troupes, like Hala Dance and Arabesque. Performance times to be announced. Note: while these great troupes perform all types of Middle Eastern dancing, all shows at the Egyptian Festival are family-friendly, folkloric performances (i.e., no belly dancing).

cropped-991020852_img_7885-e12860386195341.jpgIt wouldn’t be a great summer festival without an outdoor movie! Pull up a chair or grab a blanket and, come watch a classic Egyptian movie under the stars at 8 pm on Saturday, August 22. The exact movie is still to be determined, but it will have English subtitles, the dessert counter will be open, and we’ll be offering popcorn and candy as well.

What about the kids? They’ll have a blast at the…

Kids Zone

Your kids will love our Egyptian-themed carnival games and prizes. We have some fun games for toddlers (ages 2 to 4), like Pin the Tail on the Camel, as well as games for kids of all ages, like Feed the Crocodile and King Putt (get it?).

The kids will also love our crafts area, including face painting, coloring, and henna (with parents’ permission of course).


Walking through our bazaar (or souk in Arabic) is like shopping in the streets of Cairo for a day. The highlights might be our traditional Egyptian clothing, souvenirs from the best sites in Egypt, and custom made t-shirts. Or they might be our expansive set of Coptic (Egyptian Christian) goods, like crosses, icons, headscarves, and books.

On second thought, the best thing about our Bazaar might be the eclectic mix of outside vendors. Come and see!


Come see our beautiful new sanctuary–the only church in Northern California featuring Coptic architecture–and stay for a presentation on The Five Senses in the Coptic Church, a sensory exploration of the rites and rituals of our church. You can also attend an Icon Writing or Hymnology class, as well as watch a reel about life in Egypt while enjoying your lunch or dinner.

Silent Auction

We have some great items in our silent auction. More information coming soon.

Directions and Parking

Our festival is at 395 W. Rincon Ave. in Campbell, CA. It’s the site of the only church featuring Coptic architecture in Northern California.

Driving? You can park Rincon or one of the numerous surrounding side streets. And we’ll let you know when we have a shuttle system from a neighboring church parking lot.

Biking? We’re less than a mile from Los Gatos Creek Trail, and we have a bike rack for your security. And Rincon Ave. is right on the San Tomas Expressway bike overpass, coming from the west.

Taking public transportation? We’re less than a mile from the Winchester Transit Station, which has a number of buses as well as light rail.